Special Place

November 24, 2011

The Basin

The broad “place” is the hardwood forests of the northeast. Zooming in a bit focuses on New Hampshire and even closer, to Franconia Notch. During the 1970’s I went to the Basin on the Pemigewasset River and photographed the same place in different seasons. I went again in 2002 and repeated the same photograph but this time with a digital camera. These mountains, rivers and forests are so timeless, so solid, so permanent. While the stock market crashes and the Arab Spring overthrows brutal dictators the river keeps flowing, wearing the rock surfaces smooth as porcelain. Scandal pervades the political scene and it seems as if morality is on the verge of extinction, but in the autumn the leaves of the hardwoods in New Hampshire turn fiery orange and fall to the ground to nourish another season of growth the following spring. Just as they always have. I see people at the mall, at the airport, addicted to the technology in their hand. The genie has been let out of the bottle and it has changed the world forever. But, I can look at the photos from Franconia Notch and feel snowflakes as they fall on my face, feel my fingers slightly numb through wet wool mittens, and smell the piney scent of hemlock branches as I walk through the snow blanketed woods. We look for sense in our manmade worlds and there is little to be found. Yet perfection abounds in the natural world. There, everything is in balance, everything is as it should be. If there is a god, you can find him in those woods up there.

The Basin

TOP: The Basin, Franconia Notch, NH – November 1976

ABOVE: The Basin, Franconia Notch, NH – October 2002

See a set of seven New Hampshire images here.



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