Commercial Work

March 13, 2010

This posting consists of 21 “commercial” images from 1973 to present. Most of them were paying jobs, although a few were done as portfolio shots. Up until my first book in 1999 I did a lot of commercial work. In 1970, Joe Valbuena and I opened a commercial photo studio called Eye Studios in West Palm Beach. We ran the business for four years and being young and impetuous, moved on to other things. After a three-year stay in New England I returned to the Palm Beaches and have been practicing photography here ever since. The bulk of my work was product photography so this collection may not be truly representative and I admit to just choosing photos that I like. I feel as if I have photographed everything at least once and done everything from fashion to corporate executives to greyhounds to charter aircraft. Twenty-one images is a relatively small sampling and there are many that have been left out. For now though, this provides a brief overview of my commercial work.

If there were ever a 20th century Mona Lisa, it was Anita Gilbert (Senno). This particular photo has such compassion in her expression that for me, it has a mesmerizing haunting quality. I knew Anita casually and she modeled for me for a couple of ads for Mildred Hoit. Last year I was saddened to learn that she had passed away in 2007. Such a loss.

Click here for the gallery of commercial photography.


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