Birds, no Bees

January 25, 2010


Up until a few years ago I used to be able to make a 15 minute drive west of West Palm Beach and do a little walking around nature in the old “shellpits”. I would usually take a fishing pole and a camera and fish for bass and take photos of native orchids. That property was leveled and now, million-dollar estate homes occupy the land. I tend to get a little stir crazy if I don’t get out into the natural world so on a March day in 2007 I set forth at the crack of dawn to the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, a water reclamation area in Delray Beach a half hour south. It is actually, in an urban area and accessible to many and has become a favored bird watching (and photographing) location in the southeast.

I am neither a wildlife photographer nor bird photographer so the subject provided a worthy challenge. Many of these photos are taken with a very compact, old manual focus Tamron 350mm catadioptric (mirror) lens. Although most nature photographers scorn “cats”, I like the lens for its pictorial effects, the “donuts” bokeh. I try to get out to either Wakodahatchee or Green Cay at least a few times each winter and find it relaxing and a great tonic for stress relief. I do tend to get behind in editing these images so some of this group of 21, although taken last winter, has never been seen. The shot above, also out of my comfort zone technique-wise, is an attempt to rescue a decent shot of a rarely-seen bird from an overly distracting background. How’d I do?

look here ~~~~> Birds, no Bees


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  1. It’s a gorgeous shot. And you did well with the technique. I’m impressed.

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